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LAFARGEVILLE, NY - John Burr for the better part of 30 years was the voice of the Can Am Speedway and thrilled crowds with his classic calls of some of the best races seen in all divisions, when Can Am opened the doors for its first full time season in 1975.



9.8.23 Showdown in September! On the card is: 358 Series Race, John Burr Memorial SPT Series Race, Action Sprint Tour, Ron White Memorial T

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For the LOVE of Dirt

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Final Night Of Racing For 2021 Brings Diverse Racing Classes To Can-Am Speedway


Can-Am Speedway

Final Night Of Racing For 2021 Brings Diverse Racing Classes To Can-Am Speedway

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - The traditional lineup for a night of racing at Can-Am Speedway usually involves 358 Mods, Sportsman, Pro Stocks and ThunderStocks. On the second night of the Showdown in September, the final night of racing at Can-Am for the 2021 season, fans were treated to a spectacle not often seen on the Nasty Track of the North.

Empire Super Sprints invaded Can-Am and brought with them the Mod Lites and the Dirt Modified Nostalgia tour. Fans were also treated to the John Burr Memorial Sportsman race as well as an Enduro to cap off the evening.

The first feature of the night was the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour 15-lap race. At the drop of the green flag, 333 Mike Houghtaling in his 1980s Bicknell jumped out to a quick lead. By lap 3, number 37 Jack Miller was challenging for the lead. Miller bided his time until lap 13 when he made his move and took the lead away, driving to victory for the unlimited division of the Dirt Modified Nostalgia feature. 111 Merv Blackwell was the winner in the modified division. 36 Brad Litzenberger was the winner in the Nostalgia division.

The Empire Super Sprints took the track next for some winged action. Number 90 Matt Tanner jumped out into the lead from his 3rd place start in lap one. 87 Jason Barney was on the move early, improving from his 7th position start all the way up to 2nd place by lap 7. A caution in lap 7 reduced Tanner’s lead to nothing as the field was tightened up for a restart. After the restart, 53 Shawn Donath was the man on the move, taking over the third position behind the leaders, after climbing up from 14th position. Tanner continued in the lead, putting a comfortable cushion between himself and second place Barney. On the final lap Shawn Donath made his move for second place, driving past Barney. Paulie Colagiovanni followed right behind Donath, also passing up Barney to grab third place. At the checkered flag it was 90 Matt Tanner, 53 Shawn Donath and 10C Paulie Colagiovanni in the top three positions.

The John Burr Memorial 50 lap Sportsman feature was next up on the schedule. At the drop of the green, 410 Mike Fowler jumped out to an early lead. Within just a few laps 1 David Rogers was in second position with track champion 64 Tyler Corcoran taking over third place. It quickly became a three-way battle for the lead between Fowler, Rogers and Corcoran. By lap 16 David Rogers came off turn four with enough momentum to slip past Fowler for the lead. One lap later, Corcoran followed Rogers’ example, going high around turn four to take over second place from Fowler. As they reached lapped traffic, Rogers was able to keep Corcoran in the rearview as they maneuvered through the slower cars. The lapped traffic became an issue in lap 45 as Rogers was forced to the top of the back straightaway to avoid the traffic. This gave Corcoran the opportunity he was waiting for. Corcoran dove low and slid past Rogers, trading rubber as they rubbed through turns three and four. At the checkered flag it was 64 Tyler Corcoran with the win, 1 David Rogers in second and 410 Mike Fowler in third.

For the only time in the 2021 season the Mod Lites took to the Nasty Track of the North. Number 22 Kyle Demo took the lead early, but 8 Harley Brown was challenging for the lead immediately. By the halfway point, Demo had a sizeable lead over the rest of the field. The field stretched out and ran clean, without any cautions through the entirety of the race. Demo crossed the finish line with the victory, with Brown in second and 4 Tristan Dibble in third.

In the muddy Enduro nightcap, it was 15 Mason Phillips with the win.

Thus concludes the 2021 racing season at Can-Am Speedway. Stay up to date with information by liking Can-Am Speedway on Facebook and visiting



  1. 90 Matt Tanner, 2. 53 Shawn Donath, 3. 10c Paulie Colagiovanni, 4. 87 Jason Barney, 5. 28f Davie Franek, 6. 1hd Cory Sparks, 7. 0 Danny Varin, 8. 7c Dylan Swiernik, 9. 5k Jake Karklin, 10. 45 Chuck Hebing, 11. 10h Kelly Hebing, 12. 88c Chad Miller, 13. 10 Jeff Cook, 14. 41 Chase Moran, 15. 36 Tyler Trump, 16. 33 Lacey Hanson, 17. 91 Scott Holcomb, 18. 9 Josh Pieniazek, 19. 69k Floyd Billington, 20. 23 Tyler Cartier, 21. 13 Keith Granholm.


  1. 23 Tyler Cartier, 2. 53 Shawn Donath, 3. 91 Scott Holcomb, 4. 10h Kelly Hebing, 5. 41 Chase Moran, 6. 10 Jeff Cook



  1. 37 Jack Miller, 2. 333 Mike Houghtaling, 3. 42 George Valenti, 4. 1 Jim Kirkwood


  1. 111 Merv Blackwell, 2. 63 Ron Root, 3. 45 Frank Brown, 4. 66 Tom Church


  1. 36 Brad Litzenberger, 2. 29 Mike Cole, 3. 72 Jeff Mitchell.


  1. 64 Tyler Corcoran, 2. 1 Dave Rogers, 3. 410 Mike Fowler, 4. 18e Gavin Eisele, 5. 7z Zach Payne, 6. 34 Eric Nier, 7. 41 Dalton Rombough, 8. 33m Richard Murtaugh, 9. 1jm Jack Meeks, 10. 14z Zach Arquiett, 11. 3 Chris Mackey, 12. 91 Josh Reome, 13. 1 Robert Delormier, 14. 10b Jaime Brown, 15. 32rs Ryan Shanahan, 16. 621 Brian Hudson, 17. 57H Remington Hamm, 18. 77L Ed Lukas, 19. 10d Michael Delormier, 20. 2 Taylor Doxtater, 21. 621 Trevor Gibbons, 22. Fox28 Tyler Stevenson, 23. 71x Delbert Legrow Jr, 24. 6 Robert Bublak, 25. 92b Andrew Buff, 26. 71 Delbert Lagrow.


  1. 10d Michael Delormier, 2. 32rs Ryan Shanahan, 3. 621 Trevor Gibbons 4. 10x Cory Castell, 5. 92 Frank Sibley, 6. 12s Kyle Sharp, 7. 17 Justin Nier, 8. 54g Greg Snyder, 9. 8 Kevin Warren


  1. 77L Ed Lukas, 2. 2 Taylor Doxtater, 3. 71x Delbert Legrow Jr., 4. 6x Travis Back, 5. 25 George Sanford, 6. 9s Bentley Gray, 7. 1r Ricky Thompson, 8. 13 Ted Starr, 9. 16J Aaron Jacobs, 10. 00t Terry Lamica


  1. 22 Kyle Demo, 2. 8 Harley Brown, 3. 4 Tristan Dibble, 4. 19 Brad Harris, 5. 5 Styles Arquette, 6. 18 Triston Dibble, 7. 39 Sam Usbourne, 8. 6 Mike Mullen.


Top 5: 1. 15 Mason Phillips, 2. 44 Josh Scanlon, 3. 73t Tim Greenfield, 4. 18b Adrian Bigelow, 5. 85b Eric Brown.

Full Driver List (in order of registration): 1 Robert Francis, 7 Kaleb Eckert, 41 Justin Guyle, 72 Kateena Russell, 74 Veronica Fuller, 74 James Mcintosh, 83 Will Gates, 97 Zack Orvis, 97 Shaun Styles, 171 Corey Meyer, 319 Corey Gates, 878 Jake Woodard, 65s Tim Greenfield Sr., JYD Adrien Gilbert

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