Can-Am Speedway

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LAFARGEVILLE, NY - Every night at the Can-Am Speedway has been special being the 50th Golden Jubilee Season. But none more special than this coming Friday night, when we look back on the first ever race night at the speedway 50 years ago to the day.






LAFARGEVILLE, NY - The Golden Jubilee Season continued on this past Friday night at the Can-Am Speedway. All 5 divisions saw exciting finishes and some drivers continued their early season dominance, while others finally broke through for their first wins of the new year.

Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 10/50

Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 10/50

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - One of those drivers that kept fans on the edge of their seat every week was Joyceville Ontario’s Rick Wilson, who thrilled crowds weekly at the speedway with his fast pace and aggressive style, that made him a star over the years.

Showdown In September At Can-Am Speedway Belongs To Billy Dunn


Can-Am Speedway

Showdown In September At Can-Am Speedway Belongs To Billy Dunn

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - Just one week after missing out on the track championship to Tim Fuller, Billy Dunn drove through the field of the DIRTcar 358 Modified 50 lap feature race like a man on a mission. He started 10th and finished first, with Tim Fuller in second place.

It was a hard-fought victory for Dunn who faced off against the top drivers in the 358 division. Jordan McCreadie took an early lead in the DIRTcar 358 feature, but Mike Maresca moved into the lead by lap 5. Meanwhile Billy Dunn was making short work of the rest of the field as he climbed up to third position by lap 7 after starting in 10th position. By lap ten Dunn was in second position, chasing Maresca who owned a big lead over the rest of the field. By lap 17 Maresca was into lapped traffic, giving Dunn an opportunity to close the gap and get within striking distance. By lap 26 Dunn had maneuvered through the lapped traffic and made his move, passing up Maresca for the lead. Maresca found himself battling for second position as Tim Fuller had moved up from 14th position to start. A caution with ten laps remaining brought Fuller up to Dunn’s door for a restart, destroying the huge lead Dunn had developed since taking the lead. On the restart Dunn leaped out to a commanding lead once again, with Fuller settling into second and Maresca in third. At the checkered flag it was Bill Dunn with the victory, with Fuller in second and Maresca in third.

Tyler Corcoran won the track championship last week and capped his 2021 season with a victory at the Showdown in September at Can-Am Speedway in the DIRTcar Sportsman feature race. To start the race, 410 Mike Fowler jumped out to an early lead, while a three-wide fight for second place ensued behind him. 64 Tyler Corcoran, 7z Zach Payne and 3 Chris Mackey fought for several early laps for second position. Payne came out ahead of the others, challenging Fowler for the lead by lap 6. Payne owned the lead by lap 7, while Corcoran moved into second position, supplanting Fowler to third position. By lap 17 Payne was faced with lapped traffic with Corcoran biding his time for a chance to strike. By lap 19 Corcoran had made his move and took over the lead, even as a cluster of lapped traffic made the racing a bit more tricky. Corcoran weaved through the lapped traffic masterfully and crossed the finish line with the win.

In a feature that was punctuated by multiple cautions, the racing was tight throughout the length of the entire DIRTcar Pro Stock feature. 25 Chad Jessio and 2s Pete Stefanski started in the top two positions, and they raced side-by-side through the early laps of the 30-lap feature. A lap 9 caution and restart brought the field back together allowing 00x Josh Coonradt to throw his hat into the mix, challenging Stefanski for the second position by lap 11, and taking it over a lap later. By lap 16 Coonradt took the lead just as a caution flag brought racing to a pause and a restart. Jessio was quick off the restart, retaking the lead. Meanwhile 690 Sid Harmer Jr. maneuvered through the field and supplanted Coonradt in second place by lap 17. After a series of cautions, racing resumed with Jessio in the lead and Harmer Jr. in second. By lap 20 Sid Harmer Jr. owned the lead. He proceeded to lengthen his lead until a lap 24 caution came out. With just two laps remaining Jessio challenged for the lead, but Harmer was able to fend him off. Meanwhile 1x Justin White snaked his way up through the field and on the final corner, White pulled past Jessio for, what looked like second place at the checkered flag. The last lap move was more important than White realized at the time, as Sid Harmer Jr. was disqualified on post-race inspection, making White the winner of the DIRTcar Pro Stock feature.

In the Ron White Memorial Thunderstock race, Quinn Wallis jumped out to an early lead, with Tony Frezzo moving up to second position from a 7th position start within the first two laps. After multiple cautions, Frezzo had moved to the front of the pack with the lead, while Wallis’ car had to head to the pits with issues. By the halfway point, Frezzo owned a commanding lead that he would carry all the way to the checkered flag and the Bob Johnson Auto Group Victory Lane.



  1. 49 Billy Dunn, 2. 19 Tim Fuller, 3. 7mm Mike Maresca, 4. m1 David Marcuccilli, 5. 28 Jordan McCreadie, 6. 25 Erick Rudolph, 7. 39 Ryan Bartlett, 8. 18jr Louie Jackson, 9. 7s Shaun Shaw, 10. 98 Rocky Warner, 11. 31 Lance Willix, 12. 9 Tyler Meeks, 13. 21 Taylor Capara, 14. 32 Ron Davis, 15. 111 Demetrios Drellos, 16. 18w Scott Webb, 17. 55 Matt Woodruff, 18. 66x Carey Terrance, 19. 27w Nick Webb, 20. 29jh Joel Hall, 21. 21r RJ Tresidder, 22. 23 Mike Stacey, 23. 60 Jackson Gill, 24. 15 Todd Root, 25. 74 Lucas Fuller, 26. 34f Andrew Ferguson, 27. 66w Derek Webb, 28. 26 Mike Mandigo, 29. 11 Steve Lewis, 30. 23L Cameron Black, 31. 45r Preston Forbes.


  1. 111 Demetrios Drellos, 2. 29jh Joel Hall, 3. 23L Cameron Black, 4. 42 Colton Wilson, 5. 23 Mike Stacey, 6. 31 Tom Jock Jr., 7. j82 Joe Shields, 8. 74 Lucas Fuller, 9 Kristian Smoke

  2. 66x Carey Terrance


  1. 98 Rocky Warner, 2. 55 Matt Woodruff, 3. 26 Mike Mandigo, 4. 21r RJ Tresidder, 5. 87.9 Derrick Satearonhies


  1. 64 Tyler Corcoran, 2. 7z Zach Payne, 3. 410 Mike Fowler, 4. 18e Gavin Eisele, 5. 33x Matt Janczuk, 6. 1jm Jack Meeks, 7. 3 Chris Mackey, 8. 32rs Ryan Shanahan, 9. Fox28 Tyler Stevenson, 10. 91 Josh Reome, 11. 34 Eric Nier, 12. 2x Mike Amell, 13. 17j Brent Joy, 14. 1m Tyler Murray, 15. 38 Zach Sobotka, 16. 29h Nick Heywood, 17. 41 Dalton Rombough, 18. 621 Brian Hudson, 19. 77L Ed Lukas, 20. 2 Taylor Doxtater, 21. 31b Ryan Dolbear, 22. 92 Frank Sibley, 23. 10d Michael Delormier, 24. 33m Richard Murtaugh, 25. 32 Max Hill, 26. 621 Trevor Gibbons, 27. 5k Kyle Devendorf, 28. 6x Travis Beck, 29. 55 Daniel Rief, 30. 14t Payton Talbot.


  1. 41 Dalton Rombough, 2. 14t Payton Talbot, 3. 92 Frank Sibley, 4. 10d Michael Delormier, 5. 5k Kyle Devendorf, 6. 57H Remington Hamm, 7. 1r Ricky Thompson, 8. 10x Cory Castell, 9. 1 Robert Delormier, 10. 25 George Sanford, 11. 71 Delbert Lagrow, 12. 13 Ted Starr, 13. 16J Aaron Jacobs


  1. 2 Taylor Doxtater, 2. 31b Ryan Dolbear, 3. 33m Richard Murtaugh, 4. 621 Trevor Gibbons, 5. 32 Max Hill, 6. 15 Greg Henry, 7. 18 Blaiden Arquette, 8. 88 Fire Swamp, 9. 71x Delbert Legrow Jr., 10. 12s Kyle Sharp, 11. 131 Mike Fairbanks, 12. 4b Tiger Chapman


  1. 1x Justin White, 2. 25 Chad Jessio, 3. 00x Josh Coonradt, 4. 91 Ian Bressett, 5. 2s Pete Stefanski, 6. 3k Shawn Kirby, 7. 28 Burton Ward, 8. 322 Jay Casey, 9. 2h Luke Horning, 10. 324 Jason Casey, 11. 7 Rob Yetman, 12. 711 Rich Crane, 13. 16x Timothy Bailey, 14. 15x Tyler Bushey, 15. 6 Brian Carter, 16. 101 Edward Kotary, 17. 23 Scott Towslee, 18. 33 Pete Schroy, 19. 14 Johnny Rivers, 20. 9 Shawn Perez, 21. 14r Ray Hughto, 22. 66 Luke Hull, 23. 3 Rick Duskus, 690 Sid Harmer Jr. DQ.


  1. 22F Tony Frezzo, 2. 111J AJ St. Mary, 3. 60F Francis White, 4. 22v Josh Verne Sr., 4. 21 Corey Valade, 5. 2 JR Durham, 6. 16 Steve Smith, 7. 100 Josh Verne Jr., 8. 13z Zac Petrie, 9. 23T Trevor Halladay, 10. 27 Justin Pope, 11. 1k Gary Sharlow, 12. 22D Daniel Valade, 13. 22x Jacob Fountain, 14. 60r Ron White, 15. 5 Don Woodworth, 16. 15.5 Jeff Putnam, 17. 9 Colby Goodale, 18. 21w Quinn Wallace, 19. 11J Justin Burns, 20. 22J Jared Gilson, 21. 97 David Liscum, 22. 77G Ryan Gay, 23. 94 OJ White, 24. 4 Mike Durham DNS
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