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Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 6/50

Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 6/50

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - A lot of drivers have passed through the gates at the Can-Am Speedway and as we look back on the past 50 years, one driver left a lasting impression with the fans and was also one of the most well respected drivers in the pits, her name is Laurie Handschuh.

Jubilee Schedule Highlights

Jubilee Schedule Highlights

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - On June 14th 1974 the doors opened for the very first time at the Can-Am Speedway (then called Winner’s Circle Speedway) in Lafargeville New York. Jim Clark won the first ever Modified feature event and Gordie Dobbins won the Stocker feature and helped lay the foundation for the speedway, which is still going strong heading into its 50th year.



Can-Am Speedway 2024 - Coming Soon!

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Can-Am Speedway

Go-Kart Finishes


JR. RED CLONE:  30-Connor Allen, 8-Eben Cook, 100-Sawyer Bennett,
44-Mason Rogers, 7-Penelope Bartlett

JR. RED CLONE ROOKIE:  18-Cale Timerman, 54-Izabella Keech, 10-Ryder Tessier

JR. GREEN CLONE:  99-Grayson Adderley, 9-Logan Brown, 49-Ryan Nellis,
20-Parker Allen, 9-Cooper McKeown, 11-Genavieve Bartlett, 88-Alison

JR. PURPLE CLONE:  34-Keegan Nier, 84-Caiden Ayen, 88-Theo Mitchell,
11-Cole McKeown, 35D-Dylan Moore, 12B-Brody Beckwith, 78-Dalton Dodge,
747-Haily Brownell, 166-Damian Lawson, X-Gage Badour

STOCK MEDIUM:  17H-Kyle Hart, 18-Remington Marquettte, 3-Garrett Cole,
4-Damian Hance, 20-Tylor Ingalls, 1-Cole Davidson

JR. BLUE CLONE:  12-Owen Bird, 13-James Donaldson, 17-Owen Nier,
55-Austin Harmer, 25L-Logan Abbott, 8-Cameron Taylor, 35B-Brennon
Moore, 9-Jeremy Shelley, 4S-Clayton Waite

JR. BLUE CLONE PRO:  88-Logan Crisafulli, 505-Seth Whitney, 18J-Jordan
Wood, 9G-Bryton Garnsey

JR. WING CHAMP 1:  100-Sawyer Bennett, 7-Penelope Bartlett

JR. WING CHAMP 2:  99-Grayson Adderley, 9B-Logan Brown, 11-Genavieve Bartlett

PRO CLONE HEAVY:  13-Nick McGill, 24-Thomas Montgomery, 4W-Logan Winn,
33-Chris Natoli, 10-Nate Schultz, 98J-Johnson Wilson, 4-Randy Delaney,
3-Jamie Shutts

PRO CLONE LIGHT:  22-Mikaila May, 32-Matt Brown, 23-Tyler Stevenson,
38-Darrick Cutway, 70G-Gary Miles, 1-Cole Davidson, 3-Garrett Cole,
99-Johann Ososkalo, 60-Taylor Doxtator, 06-Robert Reed, 210-Cody
Youngs, 22-Remington Marquette

JR. WING CHAMP PRO:  505-Seth Whitney, 815-Caiden Ayen, 2-Aubrey
Thurston, 12B-Brody Beckwith

SR. WING CHAMP:  9-Mikaila May, 2-Lyndsey Thurston, 80X-Anthony Scott

PRO CLONE SUPER HEAVY:  44-Dave Rogers, 24-Thomas Montgomery, 18E-Jace
Eisele, 51-Kylie Ward, 92CR-Courtney Delaney

PRO CLONE MEDIUM:  99-Mike Adderley, 33-Chris Natoli, 13-Nick McGill,
17H-Kyle Hart, 4W-Logan Winn, 23-Tyler Stevenson, 17-Taylor Doxtator,
10-Nate Schultz, 4-Randy Delaney, 3-Jamie Shutts

2 CYCLE:  16-Anthony Fiorentino, 44-Jeff Knight, 2X-Mike Amell,
11-Taylor Doxtator, 11-Tyler Meeks


JR. RED CLONE: 100-Sawyer Bennett, 44-Mason Rogers, 8-Eben Cook, 7-Penelope Bartlett, 24-Skylar Hall

JR. RED CLONE ROOKIE:  18-Cale Timerman, 54-Izabella Keech

JR. GREEN CLONE: 2-Colt Kimball, 99-Grayson Adderley, 9-Logan Brown, 9-Cooper McKeown, 49-Ryan Nellis, 11-Genavieve Bartlett, 67-Kolton Hutchinson, 88-Alison Timerman, 19-Hall

JR. PURPLE CLONE: 34-Keegan Nier, 84-Caiden Ayen, 11-Cole McKeown, 12B-Brody Beckwith, 78-Dalton Dodge, 35D-Dylan Moore, 88-Theo Mitchell, 747-Haily Brownell, 166-Damian Lawson

STOCK MEDIUM: 17H-Kyle Hart, 8-Taylor Doxtater, 18-Remington Marquette, 3-Garrett Cole, 1-Cole Davidson, 20-Tylor Ingalls, 4X-James Garnsey, 16-Mike Young, 4-Damien Hance, 07-Tyler Oakland

JR. BLUE CLONE: 12-Owen Bird, 55-Austin Harmer, 17-Owen Nier, 35B-Brennon Moore, 9G-Bryton Garnsey, 18J-Jordan Wood, 25L-Logan Abbott, 8-Cameron Taylor, 13Y-William Young, 7J-Justin Feisthamel

SR. BLUE CLONE PRO: 88-Logan Crisafulli, 505-Seth Whitney

JR. WING CHAMP 1: 100-Sawyer Bennett, 7-Penelope Bartlett

JR. WING CHAMP 2: 2-Colt Kimball, 99-Grayson Adderley, 9B-Logan Brown, 11-Genavieve Bartlett, 67-Kolton Hutchinson

PRO CLONE HEAVY: 01-Josh Ostrander, 85-Chris Pier, 4-Logan Winn, 24-Thomas Montgomery, 13-Nick McGill, 00-Justin Pier, 17H-Kyle Hart, 23-Caden Lucas, 98J-Johnson Wilson

PRO CLONE LIGHT: 22-Mikaila May, 60-Taylor Doxtater, 32-Matt Brown, 38-Darrick Cutway, 1-Cole Davidson, 10-Tyler Morin, 23-Tyler Stevenson, 3-Garrett-Cole, 7W-Wyatt Auter, 70-Gary Miles, 06-Robert Reed, 210-Cory Young, 99-Mike Adderley, 40-Hannah Reed, 19-Steve Derrigo

JR. WING CHAMP PRO: 505-Seth Whitney, 12B-Brody Beckwith, 2-Aubrey Thurston

SR. WING CHAMP: 9-Mikaila May, 9-John Wilson, 2-Lyndsey Thurston

PRO CLONE SUPER HEAVY: 44-Dave Rogers, 24-Thomas Montgomery, 23-Jeff Stevenson, 18-Jace Eisele, 00-Justin Pier, 17-Randy Revell, 92CR-Courtney Delaney

PRO CLONE MEDIUM: 13-Nick McGill, 23-Tyler Stevenson, 01-Josh Ostrander, 85-Chris Pier, 17H-Kyle Hart, 4W-Logan Winn, 77-George Cornell

2 CYCLE: 16-Anthony Fiorentino, 37-Randy Colligan, 2X-Mike Amell, 11-Taylor Doxtater, DNS 7-Taylor Caprara

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