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LAFARGEVILLE, NY - Join us Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th for the THUNDER IN THE 1000 ISLANDS!

Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 9/50

Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 9/50

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - The 2024 Golden Jubilee Season is closing quickly and opening day is right around the corner. Opening day will feature stars in three open wheel DIRTCar Series to kick off the year. One of those being the DIRTCar 358 Modified Series, which has been a part of Can-Am from the very start and has been important part of the 50 year track history.

Jubilee Schedule Highlights

Jubilee Schedule Highlights

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - On June 14th 1974 the doors opened for the very first time at the Can-Am Speedway (then called Winner’s Circle Speedway) in Lafargeville New York. Jim Clark won the first ever Modified feature event and Gordie Dobbins won the Stocker feature and helped lay the foundation for the speedway, which is still going strong heading into its 50th year.




Dunn Caps Off 2016 Can-Am Championship With Win


Can-Am Speedway

Dunn Caps Off 2016 Can-Am Championship With Win

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - Can-Am Speedway regular Billy Dunn came home with top honors in the number 9, ending the points race with a strong win in the 25 lap 358 Modified feature. Dave Rogers followed suit with another win in number 44 Sportsman Modified on the 2016 season and grabbed the championship as well. Shawn Kirby launched the 3k Pro Street Stock to the top spot breaking the tie for first in points and taking the feature win. Shaun Shaw took the win for the Novice Sportsman with the 7s car, but Hunter Schwander wrapped up the points race in the top spot. The Thunder Car feature event went to Chuck Monica who took runner-up in the 2016 points, with Phil Desormeau III taking the championship. Kyle Simpson took home a win in the 30 Lap Enduro race after the features.

The Novice Sportsman Modifieds got things rolling. The first heat saw cars stacking up 3 wide on the first lap with Schwander getting the raw end of the deal, taking a ride over the berm in 2. Greg Henry had a strong run in the 15, but Billy Madison was the man to beat in the 00 as he would go on to grab the win for heat number 1. Hall came home second, Henry third.
Novice heat 2 saw Eric Nier move quickly to the front with the 34 car. Shaw moved up to second by lap 2. Jordan Kelly brought out the yellow in the 24 car. Eric Nier took the win, Sway second, Greenfield third.

The Thunder Stocks hit the clay next. The first of 2 heats saw Phil Desormeau III with an early advantage in the 26m. Chuck monica battled for all 5 laps but it wasn’t enough to get it done. After the checkers, the 17 of Mike Greenfield lost a wheel on the backstretch. Heat number 1 went to Desormeau, Monica second, Robinson third.
Thunder Car Heat 2 started with O.J. White in the top spot, but he quickly faded to 7th position as the battle for the lead raged between the 16 of Matt Marcinko and the 40h of Herbert. In the end, Herbert took the win, Marcinko second, Sharlow third.

Up next, the 358 Modifieds ran the first of 2 heat races. Nick Webb started out strong in the 27w, but Brady Gill would end up grabbing the lead away. Caution flag was up for the number 1 car of Collier when smoke began rolling out and a small fire was spotted under the car. After a quick stop in the infield at the fire truck, he rolled back on to the track and went on to finish the heat. Brady Gill takes the top spot in the 51x, Rylee Gill grabs second, Tyler Bartlett takes third.
Heat number 2 was off to a shaky start as Matt Burdick shook off the first attempt. The field regrouped and fired off turn 4 with Luke Stewart out front with the 19. Ryan Bartlett spun out bringing out the yellow. Billy Dunn worked his way up through the field, and came within a few car lengths of the lead, but Stewart crossed the line out front, Dunn second, VanBrocklin third.

Three heats of Sportsman Modifieds rolled off next, the first of which found Mike Gadbaw and Tiger Chapman Jr. on the front row. Chapman grabbed the lead early and was untouchable for the entire heat. Brian Hudson took the runner up spot away from Jackson Gill on lap 3 as Chapman opened up his lead coming home with a heat win, Hudson second, Gill third.
Heat Number 2 was a gravy run for Dave Rogers as he took the lead from the outside pole on the start. Legrow fought hard, but Sanford would eventually take the runner up spot away. Anthony Stockman went around in turn 3 and parked his number 57 on top of the fourth turn wall. After a lengthy yellow, the action resumed with Rogers taking the win, Sanford second, and Keruskie third.
The last Sportsman heat put Troy Fleming in the 7s and Mike Mandigo in the 97 out front. The green flag dropped with Mandigo in control, but by lap 3, Josh Reome had the lead with the 91. Caprara moved in to the runner up spot by lap 4 and at the finish, it was Reome out front, Caprara second, and Mandigo third.

The Pro Street Stocks were the final heats of the night. Dustin Bradley brought the 83d machine back out with some fresh skins on the right side after his wreck last Saturday on the front stretch, Preston Forbes started next to him in the 45r to lead the pack to green. Forbes had a clear advantage as the green dropped. Bradley spun on lap 1 costing him a top finish. As Forbes would continue to dominate, Mike Durham and Mike White would race for second. At the flag, it was Forbes with a win, White second and Scott third.
Heat number 2 got under way at the second attempt. The 62 of Murphy and the 32 of Shanahan lead the pack to the first turn. Tiger Chapman went a little deep and came together with the 32 car as the 3x of Hunter spun out to avoid the incident. At the next green, Gilmore had the advantage in the 272g, but fell to Chapman’s 11 car. Shawn Kirby went from fifth to second, and the rivalry continued with Chapman as they battled for the top spot. Kirby came out on top for heat 2 with Chapman second, and Gilmore third.

Intermission gave way to the “Show Us Your Sign� contest. Fans were allowed on to the front stretch to show off their creativity in support of their favorite drivers. All of the fan signs were great, but in the end, the D and S Garage crew took the top spot with their Kirby/Duskas campaign.

Tiger Chapman spoke to the fans about his tenure as owner of Can-Am speedway, thanking all of the fans, drivers and their crews, and the staff for many great years of racing at Can-Am. Chapman gave the call to Start Your Engines to close out his last night as owner of the speedway.

Feature time put the Novice Sportsman cars out first for their 15 lap run. The green flag dropped after a failed first start, with Matteson jumping to the lead. Snyder took the 54g machine over the banking along with the 13 of Cook. Both the 30 of Schwander and the 7s of Shaw headed pit side, no laps complete. Schwander would return with front end damage and ran mid pack the rest of the race, only making his way up to fourth. Matteson lead until lap 2, falling back to fifth. Problems with the 24 of Kelly brought out the yellow and ending his night. Eric Nier took the 34 in with a flat tire during the yellow, returning on the lead lap starting tail. Henry and Shaw battled for the lead. The yellow would fly again for the 1t of Gibbons spinning in turn 4. Matteson would get a piece of the turn 4 wall bringing out the caution again. At the restart, Shaw would lead from lap 9, and would come home with the win. Greg Henry came home second, Phil Desormeau III grabs third, Points Champion Hunter Schwander takes fourth and Eric Nier rounds out the top five.
2016 Can-Am Track Champion- Hunter Schwander - Novice Sportsman

The Thunder Stocks Headed out for their 15 lap feature go. Chuck Monica took the advantage with the 32 as the 40H of Herbert and the 16 of Marcinko battled for second. The red flag flew after the 61 of Gerald Rogers flipped on the front stretch coming to rest on the roof just past the starter’s stand. Rogers was ok, but his season in the 61 ended right there. As the green flew once again, Monica would continue to lead with Marcinko and Desormeau swapping spots for runner up. Herbert and Robinson would race for third. When the checkers fell, it was all Monica at the line taking another feature win. Herbert took second, Desormeau finished third, Verne fourth, and Robinson fifth. Phil Desormeau took the track Championship for the Thunder Stocks.
2016 Can-Am Track Champion- Phil Desormeau - Thunder Stocks

In the 358 Modified Feature, Stewart would have an early advantage with the 19 as VanBrocklin and Ryan Bartlett would duke it out for second. Billy Dunn would quietly sneak his way up to the fifth position by lap 6. Dunn goes for the pass but Tyler Bartlett throws the block as he tries to hold Dunn off as long as he can. By lap 8, Dunn had fourth right behind the 51x of Brady Gill. VanBrocklin would hold off Brady Gill for several laps, but Gill took second away, with Dunn following him up through past the 10 car. Dunn took a hot line and grabbed the lead on lap 15, leaving Gill and VanBrocklin in the dust. The race was for second between Stewart, Brady Gill and VanBrocklin as the went three wide for a couple laps. By lap 20, it was Dunn in total control with a huge lead. The checkers fell on lap 25, Billy Dunn with the win and the points Championship for 2016, VanBrocklin rolled across second, Brady Gill third, Stewart fourth and Rylee Gill cleared the top five.
2016 Can-Am Track Champion- Billy Dunn - 358 Modified

24 Sportsman Modifieds were set to make the 20 lap feature. At the green, Fleming in the 7s car lead lap 1 with Chapman and Rogers close behind. Chapman would drop back to third leaving Rogers to battle Fleming for the top spot. Jack Meeks brought the 1 car up to the top 5, and Brian Hudson had a fast run with the 621.Reome and Sabotka swapped spots mid pack keeping the action alive, and by lap 11, Rogers had had the lead. Chapman wouldn’t have enough to catch the 44 car, even with the lap traffic later on, Meeks made it up to third, and when it was all over, Rogers walked away with the win and a season Championship. Chapman took second, Meeks third, Fleming fourth and Hudson grabbed fifth.
2016 Can-Am Track Champion- Dave Rogers - Sportsman Modified

The final feature event of the night put 14 Pro Street Stocks on the half mile track. The Championship was on the line with a tie for first between Shawn Kirby and Rick Duskas. Anxious drivers were the cause of the first start being waved off. When the green finally dropped, Preston Forbes took the early lead in turn 1. The top three entered turn 3 with a full house, three wide and 2 behind. Someone had to some out on top and by lap 3, Kirby had the lead. The yellow flew on lap 6 with Murphy hitting the wall with the 62 machine, also with Durham spinning in turn 4. With the field bunched back up, and Duskas starting in the second row, the green dropped. Chapman who was strong at the start had slipped back to sixth position, as Shanahan and Duskas raced for second. Duskas came out on top of that deal by lap 12. With 6 laps to go, Kirby continued to dominate the field, moving around the lap cars keeping the 3 car behind him, cruising to another feature win and breaking the tie for the championship. Duskas came home second, Shanahan third, Hamm fourth and White came across the line fifth.
2016 Can-Am Track Champion- Shawn Kirby - Pro Street Stock

The 30 lap enduro brought out 28 cars, any by half way, more than half of the field was out of competition. Kyle Simpson would go on to get the win with Dillon Cole in second, Adrian Bigelow in third.

09/03/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Shaun Shaw- Novice Sportsman
Novice Sportsman 1) 7s Shaw, 2) 15 Henry, 3) 2 Desormeau, 4) Schwander, 5) 34 Nier, 6) Snyder, 7) 1t Gibbons 8) Greenfield, 9) Cook, 10) Matteson, 11) Hall, 12) Kelly

09/03/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Chuck Monica - Thunder Cars
Thunder Cars 1) 32 Monica, 2) 40H Herbert, 3) 26m Desormeau, 4) 60v Verne, 5) 42 Robinson, 6) 16 Marcinko, 7) 777 Josh Burns, 8) 11j Justin Burns, 9) 94 White, 10) 17 Greenfield, 11) 77 Tyler Burns, 12) McLane, 13) Sharlow, 14) Woodworth, 15) 28 Mcconnell, 16) Rogers, (DNS) 941 Halladay

09/03/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Billy Dunn - 358 Modified
358 Modified 1) 9 Dunn, 2) 10 VanBrocklin, 3) 51x Brady Gill, 4) 19 Stewart, 5) 57 Rylee Gill, 6) 39 Tyler Bartlett, 7) 93 Ryan Bartlett, 8) 12 Weston, 9) 27w Webb 10) 02 Bresnehan, 11) 24b Levesque, 12) 1 Collier, 13) Willix

09/03/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - David Rogers- Sportsman Modified
Sportsman Modified 1) Rogers, 2) Chapman, 3) 1 Meeks, 4) 7s Fleming, 5) 621 Hudson, 6) 21 Caprara, 7) 25 Sanford, 8) 91 Reome, 9) 38 Sabotka, 10) M-1 McReady, 11) 60 Gill, 12) 57 Stockman, 13) 9-26 Keruskie, 14) 2a Aubertine, 15) 71 Legrow, 16) 72 Prentice, 17) 4x M. Gadbaw, 18) 97 Mandigo, 19) 9a Cross, 20) 18 J. Gadbaw 21) 76g Greenfield, 22) 15 Henry, 23) 00 Matteson 24) Hall

09/03/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Shawn Kirby - Pro Street Stock
Pro Street Stock 1) 3k Kirby, 2) 3 Duskas, 3) 32 Shanahan, 4) 13 Hamm, 5) 1x White, 6) 45r Forbes, 7) 11 Chapman, 8) 272g Gilmore, 9) 19 Scott, 10) 62 Murphy, 11) 4 Durham, 12) 3x Hunter, 13) 83d Bradley, 14) 18 Marquette

September 10th is the final night of racing at Can-Am for the season, and will be a huge racing extravaganza. The Return of the Caprara’s with The Clash at the Border Saturday September 10th Empire Super Sprints $2,000 to Win
358 Small Block Modified - 30 Laps - $2,000 to Win, $200 to Start
Sportsman Modified – 30 Laps - $800 to Win, $125 to Start
Tim Clarke Memorial Pro Street Stocks 25 Laps $1,000 to Win, $100 to Start
Thunder Stocks 20 Laps $250 to Win
Vintage Modified – 15 Laps all cars $100 to take the Green
All Divisions will be a draw 358 Small Block Modified, Sportsman Modified all following Dirtcar Rules General Admission $20 for Adults – 13 to 15 years old $5 12 and under Free when accompanied by an Adult
Military Half Price
Pit Gates Open at Noon – Grandstand at 1:00 PM Hot Laps at 2:45 PM
Racing Starts at 4:00 PM Fireworks to follow the features.

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