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LAFARGEVILLE, NY - Between off weeks and rainouts, the Golden Jubilee Season at the Can-Am Speedway has been at a stand still the last few weeks but all five divisions are back and ready for action at the Nasty Track of the North.



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In The Dirt with Tim Baltz

In The Dirt with Tim Baltz

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Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 10/50

Can-Am Speedway 2024! Article 10/50

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - One of those drivers that kept fans on the edge of their seat every week was Joyceville Ontario’s Rick Wilson, who thrilled crowds weekly at the speedway with his fast pace and aggressive style, that made him a star over the years.

Lightning Strikes Again As Dunn Wins


Can-Am Speedway

Lightning Strikes Again As Dunn Wins

LAFARGEVILLE, NY - The lightning bolt that is Billy Dunn continued to strike again at Chapman’s Can-Am Motorsports Park Saturday night. Dunn took home first place in the 358 Small Block Modified feature. Brian Hudson won his first feature of the year at Can-Am in the Sportsman Modified class. Other winners on the night included Shawn Kirby in the Pro Street Stocks, Phil Desormeau III in the Thunder Cars, and Mike Gadbaw in the Novice Sportsman class.

It was mid-summer temperatures at the track in Lafargeville, Saturday night, as racing resumed at Chapman’s Can-Am Motorsports Park, after a week hiatus. A full racing lineup included Pro Street Stocks, Sportsman Mods, Thunder cars, 358 Small-Block Modifieds, Novice Sportsman Mods and Vintage Mods. As a bonus, a 20-lap Enduro race ran after the last feature, sponsored by Cheney Tire.

First up for heat races was the Pro Street Stock class with a six-lap qualifying heat race. 62 Jonathan Murphy and 11 Tiger Chapman started out front in first and second positions, with Chapman in his number 11 Twin Towers tribute car. Chapman burst out ahead by turn on and never relented. 3 Rick Dusckas moved up from the back of the pack to second position by lap two, while 4 Mike Durham and 32 Ryan Shanahan battled for third position. With one lap remaining, Durham and Shanahan raced door-to-door. Shanahan relented and Durham powered past, taking third. Shanahan spun on turn four, losing his positions. At the checkered flag it was Chapman, Dusckas and Durham in the top three.
The second heat race had 1x Mike White and 19 Robert Scott in first and second places to start. White shot out ahead, by turn one, while Scott fell to third, taking the high line around the track. 3k Shawn Kirby, who started in third, advanced to second. Scott continued to fade, while Sid Harmer Sr. was the hard charger, moving up from last position to third. With one lap remaining, Kirby turned up the heat on White, but was held at bay. At the checkered flag it was White, Kirby, 75A Sid Harmer Jr. in the top three positions.

Next up for heat races were the Sportsman Modifieds in the first of two qualifying races. 97 Mike Mandigo and 415 Andrew Wren started in first and second positions at the drop of the green. Wren too the high side out of turn one and gained the advantage over Mandigo for first place. 71 Delbert LeGrow started in third and moved up to second by lap two. 621 Brian Hudson started in fifth, but was in third by lap two and moved up to second place, supplanting LeGrow, merely a lap later. 12 Troy Fleming remained in fourth from the start, trying to keep 271 Tiger Chapman behind him as the final laps ticked by. Meanwhile, on the final lap, Brian Hudson turned up the heat on Andrew Wren, taking the low line through the final turns. But Wren was able to win out by half a car length. At the checkered flag it was 415 Andrew Wren, 621 Brian Hudson and 71 Delbert LeGrow in the top three positions.
The second heat lap for the Sportsman Mods had 72 Mike Prentice and 2 Chris Thurston in first and second positions to start. While Prentice grabbed the hole-shot in turn one, it was 91 Josh Reome who was moving up through the pack, having started in fifth position. By lap two, Reome was in third, while Thurston clung to second, both drivers chasing the dusty rooster tail of Prentice in first. Thurston only had to get a little loose to open the door for Reome who gladly took over second position. 38 Zach Sabotka had quietly improved his position from fourth up to third by lap five, and with only a lap to go, he had moved to striking distance of Reome. Reome had plans of his own, attempting a last ditch move for first place through turn four, but Prentice kept him at bay. At the checkered flag it was Prentice, Reome and Sabotka in the top three positions.

The next heat race was the Thunder Cars, with 111J AJ St.Mary and 83 Carl Burdick in the top two positions. At the drop of the green, 26M Phil Desormeau III and 32 Chuck Monica charged from the back of the pack up to first and second positions, respectively. They then proceeded to distance themselves from the rest of the pack, making it a two man race. Burdick clung to third through the middle laps, while 2s Gary Sharlow had plans to regain is third place. At the checkered flag, it was Desormeau, Monica and Sharlow in first, second and third places respectively.

358 Small Block Modifieds took to the track next, in the first of two heat races. 57 Rylee Gill and 1 Craig Collier started in first and second positions. 9 Billy Dunn started in fifth, but was in second position almost immediately, chasing Gill for the lead. Collier slid back to third, while 93 Ryan Bartlett retained his fourth place starting position, and was knocking on Collier’s door by lap four. With one lap to go, Dunn decided to strike, catapulting past Gill through turn one, relegating Gill to second position. At the checkered flag it was Dunn, Gill and Bartlett in the top three positions.
The second heat race for the 358 Mods had 39 Tyler Bartlett and 10 Josh VanBrocklin in the top two positions to start the race. VanBrocklin had the advantage through turn one, grabbing onto the lead outright by turn two. 16 Lance Willix II started in fourth position but made short work of several track positions, moving up to second by lap two. 51 Brady Gill started in third, but found himself battling Bartlett for the position by the midway point. Nobody was catching VanBrocklin as he took the checkered flag in first place, with Willix in second and Bartlett.

The Novice Sportsman class was up next with two heat races. The first heat for the Novice had 00 Billy Matteson and 0 Joe Wilcox in first and second positions. By turn two, Matteson was well in the lead, with 15 Greg Henry moving up from third to second. 54g Greg Snyder advanced from fifth to third by lap two. Henry got up into the top of the track through turn one of lap two and drifted back through the pack, allowing Snyder to take over second. 30 Hunter Schwander moved up from last place to second by lap four, weaving his way through the pack. 4x Mike Gadbaw was also busy making moves, sliding past Snyder for third position on the final lap. At the checkered flag, it was Matteson, Schwander and Gadbaw in the top three positions.
The second heat race for the Novice Sportsman had 76G Skyler Greenfield and 18 Justin Gadbaw in the top two positions. At the drop of the green flag, 1 Cole Davidson looked like he was shot out of a cannon, leaping past the competition from fourth to first by turn two. 34 Eric Neir followed suit, moving from fifth to second by lap two. Meanwhile, 24 Jordan Kelly was able to retain his third place position as both Greenfield and Gadbaw faded. At the checkered flag it was Davidson, Neir and Kelly in the top three positions.

Vintage Modifieds rolled out onto the track next, a full class and two heat races. 2x Alley Amell and x22 Denzil Billings Jr. started the first heat race in the top two positions. Billings moved into sole possession of the lead by lap two, with Amell battling with 2 John Stanley and B3 Steve Billings for second position, going three wide at times. By lap three, Steve Billings moved into first, while B10 Paul Billings powered up from the middle of the pack to challenge for first. On the final lap, Paul Billings made his move and grabbed the lead, leaving Denzil Billings in second and Alley Amell in third.
The second heat race had 11 Justin Saunders and 4 Time Hegarty in first and second positions to start. As the green flag flew, Hegerty grabbed the lead, but gave it right back up, spinning through turns one and two. Hegerty’s spin-out brought out the caution flag, though he was able to rejoin the pack at the tail. The restart had 12 Tim Charland and B22 Steve Lackie in the top two positions. Lackie powered through turn two for the lead, rubbing Charland a bit in the process. Meanwhile, 00 Darryl Wilson and 11 Justin Saunders battled it out for third position. Saunders took the low line around the track, while Wilson tried to go high for the advantage. At the checkered flag it was Lackie, Charland in first and second positions with a photo-finish at third, with Hegarty beating out Saunders by a bumper at the line.

The first feature race of the night was the Pro Street Stock class, with 1x Mike White and 11 Tiger Chapman in the top two positions. 3k Shawn Kirby and 4 Mike Durham were in row two, positions three and four respectively. White grabbed the lead through turns one and two, but Chapman powered into the lead down the back stretch of lap one. The yellow cloth came out in lap three as 62 Jonathan Murphy slid up and over the track edge through turn two. He was able to get back on the track and continue racing in last position. On the restart it was 11 Chapman and 1x White in the top two positions once again. White was finding success on the high line, and was able to snatch away first place by lap five. 3k Shawn Kirby relentlessly pursued the lead and by lap seven it was his. By lap nine it was 3k Kirby, 1x White, 11 Chapman, 83 Milt Combs and 75A Sid Harmer Jr. in the top five positions, just as a caution came out to bring the pack back together for a restart. As the green flag was unfurled once again, Kirby grabbed onto the lead, with White right behind him. Another caution came out in lap eleven as 75A Sid Harmer Jr. spun out through turn three across traffic, narrowly avoiding a catastrophic wreck. 3 Rick Dusckas took advantage of the restarts to move up from eighth position to start to fourth position by lap twelve, challenging for second in a three-way clash between Chapman and White. With five laps remaining it was Kirby, Chapman, White, Dusckas and 45R Preston Forbes in the top five position. Forbes had found success in the top line around the track to advance from his seventh position start, and continued that tact through lap eighteen to supplant Dusckas for fourth. On the final lap, Forbes and White battled for third, with White holding position at the checkered. The final results had an untouchable 3k Shawn Kirby in first, 11 Tiger Chapman in second, 1x Mike White in third, 45r Preston Forbes in fourth, and 3 Rick Dusckas in fifth.

Sportsman Modifieds cruised onto the half-mile track next, with 72 Mike Prentice and 415 Andrew Wren in positions one and two to start. 2 Chris Thurston and 71 Delbert LeGrow were in row two, third and fourth positions. Wren got the hole-shot out of turn one, taking sole possession of first through lap one, with Prentice sliding into second. By lap two, Thurston was challenging for second, riding parallel to Prentice around the track. 621 Brian Hudson was running fast, moving up from seventh starting position to fourth by a lap-four caution. They were three-wide through turn one on the restart, and Hudson took advantage of the traffic jam to snag second position, falling in line behind Wren in first. 21 Taylor Caprara was hard charging from the green flag, moving up from thirteenth position to third by lap seven. 44 Dave Rogers was also moving on up, capturing fourth position by lap eight after starting tenth. At the halfway point, it was Hudson in first, Caprara second, with Wren fading back to third. Rogers had firm control over fourth, while 271 Tiger Chapman Jr. had methodically moved up from ninth to capture fifth position. Just outside of the top five, Fox28 Jeff Stevenson, 72 Mike Prentice and 2 Chris Thurston battled for sixth position, with Thurston besting the others. With five laps remaining, Chapman was on the back bumper of Rogers, challenging for fourth place. At the checkered flag, it was 621 Brian Hudson, 21 Taylor Caprara, 415 Andrew Wren, 271 Tiger Chapman Jr. and 44 Dave Rogers in fifth.

Thunder Cars were up next, with 83 Carl Burdick and 2S Gary Sharlow in first and second positions to start the race. 26m Phil Desormeau III and 16 Matt Marcinko were in row two, third and fourth positions, respectively. Out of turn two, 111S Tony St. Mary went for a wild ride over the berm, across the meadow and into the hedges. After an assist by the track tow-trucks, the 111S was back in racing shape. On the restart, Desormeau and Sharlow mixed it up through turns one and two, with Sharlow grabbing onto the lead. Marcinko slid into third as 32 Chuck Monica threw his hat into the ring as it was a four-way race for the lead around the track. By lap four, Desormeau jumped into the lead, with Sharlow giving ground. By lap six, it was Desormeau, Monica, Marcinko, Sharlow and 83 Carl Burdick in the top five positions. In lap ten, Monica challenged Desormeau for the lead, diving low, while Desormeau took the high line. They drove side by side around the track, with Marcinko close by in third, looking for an opportunity to slide by both of them. But it proved too much a task. At the checkered flag it was Desormeau by a bumper over Monica, with Marcinko in third, Sharlow in fourth and Burdick rounding out the top five.

The 358 Small Block Modifieds were on the track next, with 12 Keith Weston and 39 Tyler Bartlett in the top two positions. 1 Craig Collier and 10 Josh VanBrocklin started in row two in third and fourth positions. Bartlett was quick off the line, but VanBrocklin grabbed the lead out of turn two. By lap four, 9 Billy Dunn had charged up from a ninth position start, to third. One lap later he was in second and trying to close in on the substantial lead by VanBrocklin. Meanwhile, 93 Ryan Bartlett had moved up from a seventh position start to grab onto third, with 16 Lance Willix II hot on his heels. 39 Tyler Bartlett was holding strong in fifth. By lap twelve, VanBrocklin’s lead had diminished to a single car length, as Billy Dunn was absolutely flying around the track. Dunn grabbed the lead a lap later, moving through lapped traffic. Willix managed to supplant Ryan Bartlett for third position by lap fourteen, but a quarter of the track separated him from second place VanBrocklin. With five laps to go, 57 Rylee Gill recaptured fifth position, passing up Tyler Bartlett. At the checkered flag, it was 9 Billy Dunn, 10 Josh VanBrocklin, 16 Lance Willix II, 93 Ryan Bartlett, and 57 Rylee Gill in the top five positions.

Novice Sportsman rolled onto the track next, for a fifteen-lap feature race. 00 Billy Matteson and 76G Skylar Greenfield started in first and second positions, with 24 Jordan Kelly and 4x Mike Gadbaw in third and fourth positions. Matteson grabbed onto sole possession of the lead out of turn one, but 24 Jordan Kelly went three wide through turn three to pass up Matteson and Greenfield for the lead. A lap-two caution brought the pack back together. Kelly grabbed the lead again on the restart, while Matteson got into the top edge of the track on the back stretch and surrendered six positions. 4x Mike Gadbaw grabbed a piece of the lead by lap three, after another caution restart, while 34 Eric Nier slid into third place after starting in seventh. At the half way point, it was 4x Mike Gadbaw, 24 Jordan Kelly, 34 Eric Nier, 30 Hunter Schwander, and 1 Cole Davidson in the top five positions. By lap eleven, Nier moved into second, while Schwander continued to advance to challenge for the position. At the checkered flag, it was Gadbaw, Kelly, Nier, Schwander and Davidson in the top five.

Eastern Ontario Vintage Modifieds hit the track next for a fifteen-lap feature race. B10 Paul Billings and x22 Denzil Billings started up front in first and second positions. In row two, it was B3 Steve Billings and 2x Alley Amell. It was Paul Billings out in front early, while 70 Steve Arbuthnot moved up from sixth to second in lap one. B3 Steve Billings held onto third as Denzil Billings and 2 John Stanley challenged for the position. Stanley made his move, as did Arbuthnot, in lap three. After seven laps it was Arbuthnot, Stanley, Paul Billings, Denzil Billings and Steve Billings in the top five. Stanley was sparring with Arbuthnot for the lead by lap ten, Stanley diving low through the turns, but giving ground on the straightaways. Steve Billings and Denzil Billings got together in turn one of lap thirteen, sending Steve Billings up over the berm through turn two. It was a hard collision that nearly sent the B3 over, but catastrophe was averted and Steve Billings was able to continue racing after a short caution. At the checkered flag, it was 2 John Stanley, 70 Steve Arbuthnot, B22 Steve Lackie, 2x Alley Amell, and B3 Steve Billings in the top five.

The nightcap was a truncated twenty-lap Enduro race, sponsored by Cheney Tire. Starting drivers were 007 Zach Orvis, 44s Josh Scanlon, 4 Mike Durham, 33 Marty Salmons, 62 Paul Esbenshade. The track was thoroughly soaked and the cars rolled out to slip and slide around the track for ten miles of racing. It came down to the final lap as Scanlon, who had led for most of the race, was finally caught by Mike Durham. A final lap pass gave Durham the victory, with Scanlon in second.


06/18/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Shawn Kirby - Pro Street Stock
Pro Street Stock: 1) 3k Shawn Kirby, 2) 11 Tiger Chapman, 3) 1x Mike White, 4) 45R Preston Forbes, 5) 3 Rick Dusckas, 6) 75A Sid Harmer Jr., 7) 690 Sid Harmer Sr., 8) 83 Milt Combs, 9) 4 Mike Durham, 10) 32 Ryan Shanahan, 11) 19 Robert Scott, 12) 62 Jonathan Murphy, 13) 1XL John Green, 14) 83D Dustin Bradley.

06/18/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Phil Desormeau III - Thunder Cars
Thunder Cars: 1) 26M Phil Desormeau III, 2) 32 Chuck Monica, 3) 16 Matt Marcinko, 4) 2s Gary Sharlow, 5) 83 Carl Burdick, 6) 5 Don Woodworth, 7) 111s Tony St. Mary, 8) 7 Trenton Passage, 9) 111j A.J. St. Mary.

06/18/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Brian Hudson - Sportsman Modified
Sportsman Modified: 1) 621 Brian Hudson, 2) 21 Taylor Caprara, 3) 415 Andrew Wren, 4) 271 Tiger Chapman, 5) 44 Dave Rogers, 6) Fox28 Jeff Stevenson, 7) 2 Chris Thurston, 8) 60 Jackson Gill, 9) 72 Mike Prentice, 10) 71 Delbert LeGrow, 11) 12 Troy Fleming, 12) 38 Zach Sobotka, 13) 91 Josh Reome, 14) 85 Haiden Burdick, 15) 9a Aaron Cross, 16) 2x Ryan Amell, 17) 97 Mike Mandigo, 18) 25 George Sanford.

06/18/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Billy Dunn - 358 Small Block Modifieds
358 Small Block Modifieds: 1) 9 Billy Dunn, 2) 10 Josh VanBrocklin, 3) 16 Lance Willix II, 4) 93 Ryan Bartlett, 5) 57 Rylee Gill, 6) 27W Nick Webb, 7) 39 Tyler Bartlett, 8) 51x Brady Gill, 9) 55 Matt Woodruff, 10) 12 Keith Weston, 11) 53 Tom Jock Jr., 12) 8A Dana Aikins, 13) 24 Pat Dupree, 14) 1 Craig Collier, 15) 24x Ryan Taylor.

06/18/16 Can-Am Feature Winner - Mike Gadbaw - Novice Sportsman
Novice Sportsman: 1) 4x Mike Gadbaw, 2) 24 Jordan Kelly, 3) 34 Eric Nier, 4) 30 Hunter Schwander, 5) 1 Cole Davidson, 6) 54G Greg Snyder, 7) 76G Skyler Greenfield, 8) 00 Billy Matteson, 9) 15 Greg Henry, 10) 18 Justin Gadbaw, 11) 0 Joe Wilcox.

06/18/16 Feature Winner - John Stanley - Vintage Modifieds
Vintage Modifieds: 1) 2 John Stanley, 2) 70 Steve Arbuthnot, 3) B22 Steve Lackie, 4) 2x Alley Amell, and 5) B3 Steve Billings

Chapman’s Can-Am Motorsports Park is closed Saturday June 25th for Graduation Weekend.

Racing will resume with a huge racing extravaganza for Independence Day weekend at Chapman’s Can-Am Motorsports Park! Two nights of racing excitement for the July 4th weekend.

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